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You may be saying to yourself, “hey, this is supposed to be a site about web development, what’s all this ‘Chapter 1, Chapter 2…’ business?” Well, in case you didn’t catch the posts (cf. NaNoWriMo) November is the National Novel Writing Month and I’m participating. This of course is taking most of my free time, so I haven’t had the chance to post much apart from the work I’m doing on the novel. It’ll be over soon, but in the meantime enjoy reading Project: Hydra.

In the time that I have had, I’ve made a few changes and additions to the site, and since most aren’t obvious I figured I’d point them out.

  1. I moved the Project: Hydra links from the Links page to the Archives page.
  2. I added a couple of “help publicize” gadgets to the Subscribe page
  3. I’ve added a whole load of new plugins, most notably Gravatars and a Plugins Used plugin which displays a list of all plugins installed on the site.


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