/ Spam filters hate my name

A can of Hormel SpamMore than once now I’ve had trouble posting comments on blogs. What usually happens is a spam filter catches my comment and tells me that it needs to be moderated and/or that I’m blacklisted.

I was rather perturbed the first time I saw that I was blacklisted from a site I had never posted on! When it happened again, I got suspicious. After much agonizing and some searching the web I found the reason why. You see, when filling out comments you’re asked for your URL and mine is my name, just put together. Now, when you put my name together you get “arapehlivanian” which isn’t such a big deal right? Well, look closely, right there, near the beginning, do you see it? Here, let me help you, “arapehlivanian.” Now do you see it? Well, suffice it to say I’m not at all happy with this because at least one or two times out of ten my comments get blocked.

Sometimes, if I care enough about the comment that I want to post, I end up writing the owner of the blog so that I can embarrassingly plead my case and get the word “rape” off of their spam list.

*sigh* why me?


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