/ stikkit. I snoozed, I lost.

stikkit logoI came across stikkit today and quickly spiraled into an angry depression within seconds of looking at the site. Why? Because about eight months ago, I had an identical idea–to the T. I was so convinced of its usefulness as a tool, and knowing my tendency to procrastinate, that I even registered a domain name to motivate myself to build it (notefilter.com). I pondered building it, I thought of how I could go about it, and I even made a few attempts to write some code. But alas, I never really gave it the effort it deserved.

Eight months after I registered notefilter.com, it was built, by someone else, with a different name, stikkit. Now I think I know a little of how Elisha Gray felt on March 7, 1876, except that he actually worked on his idea and was a couple of hours late getting to the patent office. I just did more dreaming than doing.

Ara’s life lesson #1: “Act on your ideas right away, before someone else does.”

Anyway, any good counsellor would tell me about now that the most constructive thing I could do is learn something positive from this situation. And that of course would be to act on my ideas right away. The sad part is, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Thankfully I can’t remember off the top of my head what the other idea I had was–probably my mind repressing bad memories.

P.S. Great job on the app guys. Really.


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