/ The WordPress Comment Feed

The only way to efficiently keep up with more than just a handful of blogs is to subscribe to their feeds. And if you’re anything like me, you leave comments on most of the blogs you read. But how do you keep up with them? Most often you’ll get a reply to your comment, but unless you deliberately go back to read that particular blog entry you’ll never catch it.

Once you’ve marked the post as “read” in your feed reader, it’s gone, it doesn’t show up anymore. And readers don’t set posts as “updated” when new comments are added, only when the author modifies the post’s contents. So how can you keep up with comments? Well, WordPress has a great feature where all you need to do is add “/feed” at the end of any post’s URI and you automatically get its comment feed. Then just copy and paste that URI into your feed reader and whamo!, you’ll know any time there’s a new comment. So if any of your favourite Blogs run on WordPress, you’ll easily be able to follow their comments.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any other blogging software offer the same thing.


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