/ Treehouse

Just recently Andy Budd was talking about how there weren’t really any satisfactory publications aimed specifically at web professionals. Enter Treehouse from Particletree. I can easily sum this monthly PDF magazine up in two words: Wow. Nice!

Treehouse is a publication for web professionals by web professionals. They speak the language and they’re in the know. In fact, you’ve probably got most of the authors’ blogs in your aggregator.

Treehouse Cover

This very clean looking magazine is a joy to read, with layout, typography and color use that’s both easy on your eyes and attractive in its simplicity. You won’t find gawdy design meant to make up for a lack of content here. In fact, what makes Treehouse really great is the quality of its content. The first issue contains articles from, and interview with a veritable who’s who of web development and design. We’re talking Shaun Inman, Jason Santa Maria, and Jeremy Keith, to name a few. And in a clever marketing move, the folks at Particletree have opted to offer the first issue for free.

I’ve only had it for less than a day and I’ve read most of the 58 pages already. If the subsequent issues are as good as the first, then the $15 for a 6 month subscription is well worth the price.


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