/ Twitter FTW: or how after 10,543 tweets Twitter actually came in handy

Twitter bird by Frank ChimeroFor those who may not know, I work for Yahoo! remotely. As such, my development box is 4,795 km (2,980 miles) to the west of me. Now, this isn’t normally a problem, except for today when my box decided to stop responding. And if you don’t believe in Murphy’s Law, today was also Presidents Day in the U.S., which meant there was nobody in the office to hit the reset switch for me. Enter Twitter. After keeping myself busy with non-dev-box related work, I finally decided to send out a tweet asking for help. I wasn’t holding my breath. But then, David Calhoun came to my rescue with a tweet of his own. Let it be known that I’ve never even met him face to face, but this selfless, shining example of a human being went to my box and turned it on (turns out someone had turned it off).

Now, if that isn’t an awesome use of Twitter, then I don’t know what is. Thanks David, thanks Twitter, you made my day.


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