/ Unreal Who: When Two Unlikely Universes Collide

As I’ve stated in the past and on my about page, I was a part of the demo scene back in the ’90s, and as I again mentioned yesterday, I’m a big Doctor Who fan. Two seemingly separate universes. Both geeky in their own rite, but both really separate universes nonetheless.

Well, as it happens, I was searching the web for Doctor Who theme song remixes yesterday, you know, so I could get into the Who mood for the upcoming season when I came across the whomix site. It’s got nearly 200 Doctor Who theme song remixes, and one of them is “Unreal Who (I am a Timelord)“.

Now anyone who knows anything about the demo scene knows that Future Crew were pioneers in the early ’90s (at least on the PC). Their defining demos were “Unreal” and “Second Reality” (Unreal ][). Unreal Who takes the classic Doctor Who theme and mashes it up with the Second Reality tune in a masterful remix that I consider a truly cherished find on the ‘net. Thank you Miguel F Ettema, you are truly a genious in my books.


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