/ Why?

Why do we do what we do? Why do we work? Why do we build? What are we accomplishing? Why is it so important? Does it really matter?

Think about it. Why do we wake up every day and go to work? To earn money. Why do we earn money? To buy stuff. Why do we buy stuff? To eat and to be entertained. Why do we need to eat and be entertained? Because if we don’t eat we die and if we aren’t entertained we lose our minds. So we work to keep from dying and losing our minds.

Why do we do what we do at work? Is it really important? Why do we build websites? Websites are a form of communication. What are we communicating? Information vital to help us to remain healthy, entertained, and a way to keep in touch with others. What’s the point of all this? Once again, our survival physically and mentally.

So really, we build websites, formulate theories, design programming languages, lay miles of fiber, drill for oil, pump gas, invent recipies and fly planes for the sole purpose of making sure we eat and remain entertained long enough to avoid going nuts before we die.

Is that it? That’s what this is all about? The wars? The conflicts? The sponsorship scandals, the genocides, the voting fraud, draft dodgers and watergate? Is that all it’s about in the end? Politics, diplomacy, technology and the exploration of the universe really only boil down to “what am I going to eat tonight, and is my favourite show going to be on?”

Then again, maybe not.


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