/ WordPress 2.0.2

Zeldman switched, I upgraded. I’m now running on WordPress 2.0.2, thanks to DreamHost‘s one click upgrade. I did upgrade previously by hand when WordPress 2 first came out (on my dev environment) and, well, that was a few months ago. You can understand that it wasn’t necessarily the quickest thing to do manually, and so thanks DreamHost for the one click upgrade!

Now, I wonder if everything works fine…

Update: Alas, all didn’t work out fine but it wasn’t because of WordPress or DreamHost. Here’s what happened:

  • Time = four minutes to quitting time at work
  • Cautious Ara: “Don’t press that upgrade button, something might go wrong–it always does–and you know you won’t have time to fix it”
  • Stupid, careless Ara: “Bah, whatever”
  • Click
  • Oops

I thought everything worked out after I ran the installer, and of course I had to write a quick post to announce that everything was okay. That post ended up having a problem and crashed. Silly me, I thought everything was broken but it was in fact that one post. It seems that I had inadvertently left a space in my Ultimate Tag Warrior tag list thereby creating havoc.

Long story short, everything’s (seems to be) fine.

Update #2: Seems my feed redirect plugin also needed updating so for a while there my feed was unavailable. Nice, nice. Okay, so that’s also fixed.


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