/ Yes it’s ugly. Yes I’m working on it.

So, when I first moved from Blogger to my own domain, I said that I’d be doing a live redesign and that everyone would be able to see all of my mistakes as I went along. Well, it’s an eyesore, I know and you’re witnessing it. Actually, this is what happened. I was stuck in the default WordPress template and I wanted out. I wanted full control over the look and feel and I did managed to lay everything out well enough, but then I got caught up in NaNoWriMo and everything stopped. I added a few touches here and there (like color) but because it was rushed I ended up with the atrocity you see in front of you.

Well, NaNoWriMo’s taken too much of my time, and I’ve fallen too far behind to catch up now so I’m going to concentrate on putting together a half decent design instead of killing myself trying to write 1600+ words a day. It will take time because I don’t want to rush, and in order to avoid the panic that usually comes from a “live” redesign—oh that sucks, okay quick fix, oh crap that’s worse! okay, another fix, ahhh!—I’ve set up a development server to work on until I’m happy with it.


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