/ ZOMG! Spare me the POSH acronyms, please!

Are you POSH? logoPlain ol’ semantic HTML has officially been branded POSH. Sigh.

I want to let my initial emotional reaction to POSH get the better of me so that I could write a rant about it, but I won’t. I want to express my disdain for the usual suspect rock stars who seem to be spinning their wheels in a race against ego to discover “the next big thing” and splitting hairs and calling it gold in the process, but I won’t. I want to say that the choice of acronym, POSH, conjures up thoughts of Spice Girls, fur coats and high fashion instead of the cutting edge of web design, but I won’t. I want to say that the statement [t]he term semantic-html is a mouthful… is patronizing, to say nothing of the sweeping judgment it makes of its target audience’s intellectual capacity, but I won’t. I want to say that creating POSH and supporting it is a cop out and a slap to the face of all those who have been working their butts off to get the concept of semantic HTML known while being consistent with–or at least similar to–the mass media’s dumbing down of the masses rather than making an effort to educate them, but I won’t. I want to say that the use of POSH will actually do the opposite of what is intended (as uttering the word in a meeting would more likely cause confusion with the real word “posh” than encourage questions to be asked by the uninitiated, whereas, using the term “semantic HTML” would likely prompt the very same questions POSH was supposed to), but I won’t. I want to say that this is a really important issue warranting an emotional tirade, but it isn’t and I won’t. I want to write a blog post on what I think of POSH, but I won’t. This post is liable to keep me from ever ranking as one of the usual suspect rock stars in question as I one day would like to. Then again, if it does, I suppose I wouldn’t want to be a part of a group of people who’d shun me for expressing my opinion, would I?


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